Oil Change in Centennial, CO

Top-Notch Oil Changes for Your German Car

Why Oil Is Important to an Engine.

Your vehicle’s engine is a complex and intricate machine comprising many parts, and motor oil is the primary component that enables these parts to work together seamlessly. Oil is a natural lubricant that coats the metal pieces of your engine to provide a smooth surface, preventing friction, wear, and overheating. Without oil, the engine parts would grind against each other, causing damage that could eventually lead to engine failure. Oil also helps keep the engine cool by absorbing excess heat and circulating it to the oil cooler, where it is then dispersed. This helps prevent the engine from overheating, which can lead to significant damage and decrease the engine’s lifespan. Another function of oil is to ensure a clean engine by transporting harmful materials, such as dust, dirt, and byproducts, to the oil filter to prevent buildup over time. Regular oil changes are essential to maintaining the health of your engine. At German Imports Centennial, we offer oil changes for all German vehicles.