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How the Suspension Influences Your Ride

The suspension plays a crucial role in the comfort and handling of your ride. Not only is it responsible for absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road, but it also keeps your tires in proper contact with the road, supports the weight of your vehicle, and maintains proper alignment and stability. Your suspension system ensures your vehicle rides smoothly, is stable, and is safe. Multiple components make up the suspension, including shocks, struts, springs, ball joints, control arms, bushings, and bearings. Due to the proximity of the suspension to the ground and the numerous parts constantly at play, we recommend having your suspension regularly inspected for present or potential issues. At German Imports Aurora in Aurora, Colorado, we are experts in automotive engineering and can ensure your suspension is in optimal condition for the road ahead! Call our suspension repair specialists at 303-340-1190 to learn more about our suspension services.