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Why Is My Volkswagen Getting Such Bad Gas Mileage?

If your Volkswagen isn’t performing quite as good as it used to in Centennial, and you are getting fewer and fewer miles to the gallon, don’t fret. Instead, bring your ride by German Imports Care Care to have it checked out. The team has the necessary training and experience to diagnose and repair the underlying problem or problems. In turn, you will feel the benefits in your pocketbook by not having to fill up your VW Jetta, Beetle, or whatever model you own as often. 

Some Potential Causes Of Decreased Gas Mileage

Defective oxygen sensors are the most common causes of poor fuel performance. These pieces send information to the car’s onboard computer. When one of them is broken or faulty, the air to fuel ratio becomes disrupted. In other words, a busted unit can lead to an excessive amount of gasoline being added to the mixture to make up for the inaccurate readings. A rapid drop in gas mileage is commonly associated with defective O2 sensors. Mechanics can replace these pieces and get your Volkswagen running right again.

Spark plugs can affect gas mileage as well. The primary function of the plugs is to ignite the combination of air and fuel inside the designated combustion chamber. This creates the spark that is necessary to crank the engine and keep it running. Damaged or worn-out spark plugs regularly cause misfires to occur. When a Volkswagen’s motor is performing poorly, the vehicle’s owner will likely notice a gas mileage change. 

Don’t Forget About The Air Filter

When a car’s air filter becomes dirty and clogged, it prevents the engine from receiving adequate airflow. These parts are usually affordable, and they aren’t too challenging to install, either. As such, many people may be able to take care of the replacement themselves. Sometimes, folks don’t want to get their hands dirty, or they simply do not want to tackle the chore. If you fall into such a category, our shop has you covered. Whatever the problem may be, we will get it fixed up in a jiffy and get you on your way.