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When You Should Bring Your Audi In For Service?

Audi service

Regular servicing allows you to keep your Audi performing at optimum efficiency, so you can experience the very best of German engineering. Ensuring that you stick to regular servicing and maintenance schedules prevents the risk of costly and unforeseen repairs. Bring your Audi to us and you will benefit from a thorough exploration of your vehicle with in-depth explanations of any maintenance that your Audi may need, and an accurate invoice that includes an agreed price of any work carried out.

At Group 1 Audi, our manufacturer-trained technicians are committed to providing an exceptional service that puts your Audi at the heart of our professionals’ work. We always strive to offer convenient appointments that work around your busy schedule. If there’s anything that you’re not sure about, our experts will explain everything that you need to know and answer any questions that you may have.

Importance of Routine Audi Service

Maintaining your Audi is a lot like maintaining your bodily health. 

You have to treat your body right with exercise and proper nutrition to live a long, full life, right? 

Well, your Audi needs a healthy lifestyle as well. Your vehicle has many different systems required to perform properly individually and also symbiotically with the other car systems. 

Each of these systems is made up of multiple parts and fluids, and we know that all parts eventually fail, and all fluids break down. Thus, it is essential to monitor the health of these individual systems, parts, and fluids to keep your Audi running at its peak. 

By maintaining the multitude of parts and exchanging or “flushing” the fluids along with predetermined mileage intervals, you can maximize your Audi’s health and minimize necessary repairs.

The Ideal Audi Service Schedule

Every engine designed by the VW/Audi Group is slightly different, but the baseline schedule for each is similar. 

The following are examples of the suggested schedules developed by Audi for the proper maintenance of their exceptional products. Keep in mind that each engine and vehicle engineered by Audi may differ slightly – depending on your model, your Audi’s maintenance schedule may differ slightly. 

Always refer to your owner’s manual or call a trusted automotive facility for guidance specific to your vehicle!

The best advice we can give is always to go back to the owner’s manual for your Audi! There is a set schedule for your specific model of Audi that you can follow and we can help ensure they keep you on schedule at German Imports Car Care.