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What’s the Difference Between a General Auto and European Auto Shop?

If you own or are thinking about purchasing a new or previously owned automobile, it’s a good idea to compare and contrast between American and European auto manufacturers. Though there are many differences and similarities between the two, pay close attention to differences in auto repair, including costs, repair of various systems, quality of parts, and training of mechanics who perform auto repair on Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis and Mercedes Benz models.

With every make and model of vehicles in both the United States and Europe comes with a different set of parts, calibration and even tools to work on each specific model of cars. With American cars and the shops who work on them, there is a little more cross diversity available because most of the specs are very similar to one another. With European cars, is where a lot more technical parts change between the different makes and models.

As such, you can expect to pay more for Audi or BMW auto repair and maintenance as well as for their authentic OEM parts. Now this isn’t to say that American or Japanese cars are made of low-quality parts and materials, but they tend not to be made of the highest quality available, which is why these vehicles usually cost a little less.

This also means that European vehicles and the technicians who work on these vehicles require to attend special schools and receive special certificates to be able to work on European engines. Another reason why taking your vehicle to a European is more expensive for the maintenance.

This doesn’t make one type of vehicle lesser than the other but this does explain why you might not want to take your vehicle to an auto shop that doesn’t fit your vehicle.

So if you’ve made the investment in a European car or are planning to, consider opting to bring your vehicle to German Imports Car Care. Our trained technicians are well trained and capable to take care of your vehicle.