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What Happens If Your Cabin Air Filter Is Dirty?

What happens if your cabin air filter is dirty?

Much like the air quality filter in your house, one should not disregard the air filter in your vehicle either. Dangers arise if you don’t replace your cabin air filter on a regular basis. Look at some of the dangers that come with having a dirty air filter:

HVAC system will run poorly: A cabin air filter that hasn’t been replaced in a while will actually start taking a drain on your vehicle’s HVAC system, making it work harder which will cause the motor to fail sooner than expected. Dirty or clogged cabin air filters will block the amount of air flowing through the vents. This also affects cabin air temperature, which depends on a steady flow of air passing through the heater core.

Foul odors: Wondering where that terrible smell is coming from and looking sidelong at your passengers? No, that terrible smell coming from your passengers, it’s coming from not changing your cabin air filter. A dirty cabin air filters will produce a dusty, old mold stench, especially when the HVAC system is turned on. When you change your cabin air filter regularly will help ensure that your passengers don’t have to wind down their windows in the dead of winter to get some fresh air.

Poor window fog clearing: One might think that this is lesser of the problem that arises when airflow is compromised but in the dead of winter and you need to see to drive, this issue become a serious one very quickly. Once the cabin air filter is replaced, there will be less fog buildup on the windshield, and you’ll be able to see easier and faster.

Health troubles: Finally, a well-functioning cabin air filter is vital in keeping the inside of a vehicle free of pollutants. A cabin air filter that’s dirty or clogged won’t filter those contaminants, causing problems for those who suffer from allergies or have breathing difficulties. A good rule of thumb that our technicians use is to replace your cabin air filter every February, this way you have a fresh one before spring allergy season arrives. A new cabin air filter will prevent pollen from making its way into a vehicle and causing its occupants to start sneezing, or even worse.

If you’d like to schedule a visit with us to have your cabin air filter replaced because you don’t know when it was last done or maybe are curious if it needs to be replaced – give us a call at German Imports Car Care today to get a date on the books!

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