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How To Replace A Valve Cover Gasket On Mercedes

Valve Cover Gasket

When your Mercedes comes back with the diagnosis code of valve cover gasket issues, it’s may not be immediately clear what action you need to take. Things like plugs and brake pads are second nature to car owners, but a valve cover gasket is a bit less well known. If it comes to it, knowing how to replace a valve cover gasket on a Mercedes is important to the longevity of your vehicle.

What is a Valve Cover Gasket?

The valve cover is on top of the cylinder head of the engine, and the valve cover gasket sits conveniently right between them to keep circulating oil inside. The majority of valve cover gaskets are made of a rubber mold, varying in size and thickness based on the vehicle and its engine. In some cases, the spark plug tube gaskets are part of the valve cover gasket, and in that case, it is common to replace both at the same time.

What Does it Do?

The valve cover gasket helps keep oil in the engine so things are running smoothly. A bad valve cover gasket results in an oil leak that can exit the engine and start to leak onto other essential parts of the car. If this starts happening, users start to notice oil under the car or on other parts under the hood. A burning smell usually comes with a damaged valve cover gasket.

Is it Dire that I Replace the Valve Cover Gasket?

Sure, you can drive with a broken valve cover gasket, but problems of a much larger magnitude follow. Leaked oil can damage everything from plugs and hoses. Avoid the problem now and get the replacement taken care of immediately.

Replacing a Valve Cover Gasket

There’s no exact science to when the valve cover gasket will break in a Mercedes, but once it does, replacement is crucial. Getting a valve cover gasket replaced at German Imports Car Care is the ideal way to go, seeing as every step is done by an expert. The team member working on your car removes the valve cover, removes the old gasket, and cleans the surface before installing the new part. After applied to the car, a test will make sure leaking has stopped.

Can I Replace the Valve Cover Gasket in my Mercedes Myself?

Like many car repairs, the parts that are being replaced in a valve cover gasket repair are not complex. In fact, the tools needed are simple as well. The trick here is the assurance that leaking is stopped and that the new gasket is placed correctly. The team at German Imports Car Care is trained to know whether or not the valve cover gasket is in the right position or not, as well as how to clean the area if leaking occurred before the repair. Call German Imports Car Care today for all Mercedes repairs and maintenance.

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