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Top 5 European Auto Repairs Of 2020

European cars are wonderful and beautifully designed automotive vehicles. However, with every design of car there are little quirks that each engine has – so if you are considering purchasing a European vehicle it is good to do your research beforehand.

We have complied the top 5 common European auto repairs of 2020 for you be aware of:

Air-Conditioning Condenser

Air conditioning is a necessity, especially for drivers who live where the weather is hot. In fact, on some days, air conditioning is even vital. This has been a common repair needed for several brands of vehicles over the last year. Particularly, in the VW Golf and the Audi A4, some of the new condensers have needed repairs.

EGR Valve

There were recent emissions scandals concerning both VW and Land Rover. The exhaust gas recirculation valves were at the center of those scandals, with faulty parts at the helm. We have seen this more common some older vehicles.

Window Regulator

We no longer wind our windows down by hand, but if your motor is burnt out, you might wish for those days again. Some modern motors in vehicles like the Audi A5 and the Renault Megane required fixing. Be sure to pay attention to those sounds coming from your window as you lower and raise them.

Cylinder Head Gasket

We mentioned coolant leaks before, but they’re also common for many European cars. Those leaks might be symptoms of a cylinder head gasket failure, which is another common European car repair.

Cars like the Citroen C3 and the Peugeot 207 need vital gasket repairs.

Alternator Issues

With the invention of hybrids and electric cars, the traditional alternator could very well be phased out. But it’s still an issue in used models like the Land Rover Discovery or the Vauxhall Astra. Thought most of the traditional alternators have been phased out we are still seeing some issues and it is important to pay attention to the signs.

If you have more questions more specific to the vehicle you are wanting or own, please give us a call at German Imports Car Care. We would love to answer any of your questions that you may have!